Frequently Asked Questions - Add a New Business

All JantaReview business must meet standards in these categories:
  • Duplicate Postings
  • Please check to see if your business is already listed on JantaReview to avoid duplicate postings. Click here to search for your business listing.

  • Business Name
  • Please provide a valid business name so users can identify your business (not your name or generic name - wedding photographer/IT company/cooking classes etc).

  • Adding Multiple Postings
  • Please do not post same business listings in multiple categories.

  • Contact Information
  • Please do provide us your contact information. We may need to contact you to verify your business listing or to get further information. However, do not list your personal contact nos. unless you plan to take customer calls on your personal/residential phones.

  • Images
  • Please add a image of your business, not your brand or logo. Also, please do not add copyrighted images.

  • Restaurant Menus
  • Signup for a free business account or contact us to add restaurant menus

  • Valid business listings only
  • Your business must have a valid address in UK. If you are a website you must serve customers in UK.

  • Description
  • Description must be factual and not an advertisement for your business. We reseve the right to modify business description.

  • Will you charge me for adding my business
  • No, there is no charge for adding your business listing.

  • Who can add business listing
  • Anyone - business owner, customer or vendor who has information about the business can add a business listing but please do check to see if the business is not already listed in our databases.

  • And finally...
  • All business postings are subject to further validation. Jantareview reserves the right to remove a business posting at any time for any reason.